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[EL001] Palancar – Ambient Train Wreck Series Volume One

[EL001]  Palancar – Ambient Train Wreck Series Volume One

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Artist’s Site: Palancar

Ethereal Live is delighted to begin our humble netlabel with our first release by ambient master Palancar, aka Darrell Burgan. Little introduction to precede is needed, as most people in the ambient community are familiar with the beautiful work of Palancar, his radio station, and his netlabel Earth Mantra. Palancar has released countless albums, performed numerous live sets, and has had his music featured on many radio programs, notably Hearts of Space and Star’s End.

Formerly a commercial release at Blue Water records, Ambient Train Wreck Series Volume One is now re-released as a free Creative Commons album at Ethereal Live. The four compositions on this album are all live improvisations by Palancar in 2006 from his former show “Blue Water Drift Dive” at Stillstream. Listeners will find a beautifully crafted album of contemplative and meditative works that is well suited for relaxing, working, or just about any activity. As always with Palancar, there is an acute attention to detail, space, and timing in his music that makes listening to these compositions addictive. There is enormous depth and texture to these immersive tracks that just won’t let you go. Ambient Train Wreck Volume One is a gentle and passionate venture into ethereal floating waves, delicate piano, and crushing light ambiance which is made ever more stunning when you realize it is all performed live.

It is with great honor that we christen our first release at Ethereal Live with one of the finest and most prolific of ambient musicians today, Palancar. I hope you will download and listen to Ambient Train Wreck Series Volume One, re-released exclusively here at Ethereal Live.