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[EL003] SYMATIC STAR – “The Distance”

[EL003] SYMATIC STAR – The Distance

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Ethereal Live is back with our third release from newcomer Symatic Star.This is Symatic Star’s first ever solo effort and Ethereal Live is very excited to share this wonderful music with the world.

The man behind the music of Symatic Star is Simon Walsh, musician/composer from South Western WA, Australia . However, upon listening to “The Distance”, listeners may become convinced that Symatic Star actually comes from another galaxy altogether.
Apart from being a longtime gigging bass player, Simon has deep interests in electronic music and synthesizers.

For this recording, Simon used analogue, digital, and modular synthesizers and various acoustic instruments to create this incredible voyage through the heliosphere and beyond. Both of these lovely sets were recorded live during and after the 2011 Summer Solstice online concert June 18, 2011.

For “The Distance”, listeners should expect to find an incredible musical odyssey rooted in a classic space music sound with a modern twist of electronics, drone, and even a touch of noise. Symatic Star without a doubt takes the listener on a ride with most colorful juxtapositions of sound that modulate between purely harmonic chordal clouds that drift peacefully along, to dark dissonant nebulas that dissolve into single side band radio communications from another dimension. Longform fans will be most pleased with both tracks that clock in at 38:08 and 30:44. Simon displays true mastery over the longform art as sounds develop, evolve, dissipate, and reconstitute themselves throughout these two wonderful sets.

Perfomed, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Simon Walsh. The stellar artwork on this release is by Sheah Nahshon and Simon Walsh.

Without further ado, I invite you all to listen and download Ethereal Live’s third outing “The Distance” by Symatic Star released on Creative Commons license CC BY/NC/ND for free.