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[EL010] PYXL8R – Live In Princeton

[EL010] PYXL8R – Live In Princeton
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Ethereal Live welcomes PYXL8R to the net label for it’s tenth release. Ken Palmer is the man behind the PYXL8R name and is an active musician and graphic artist. Ken creates ambient and electronic music as PYXL8R, and is also a member of the prog rock band Brainstatik.

“Live In Princeton” was performed by PYXL8R and broadcast live from WPRB 103.3 FM in Princeton, NJ on Februray 4th, 2011. All music was created live with keyboards, percussion, voice, and effects only. No sequencers or recorded backing tracks were used in this set. This set featured Ken Palmer on synths and vocalizations and Kyle Palmer on percussion and ipad.

This release is a wonderful blend of dark and mysterious music, with a minimal approach, allowing each sound and tone to come and go as it washes over the listeners. “Live in Princeton” is fine space music that leaves a lot for the mind and ears to soak in. Highly recommended.

[EL009] Tange – Live Sets Volume One

[EL009] Tange – Live Sets Volume One

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For our ninth release at Ethereal Live, we welcome Tange to the net label. Tange (aka Gordon MacMillan) of Scotland is a well regarded musician not only in the ambient domain, but also with the traditional music of his homeland, as well as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist on just about anything with strings. Many also know Gordon for his internet radio show “Mysterious Semblance” on over the last five years. In addition to djing music on his show, from time to time Tange will also perform live sets, which brings us to the release today.

“Live Sets Volume One” is a large collection of Tange’s performances from the archives. This is a historical compendium of Gordon’s work over several years that was formerly only available in the stillstream archives. The sets will now be stored here at Ethereal Live on for a long time to come. These tracks were originally recorded on Mini-Disc and uploaded at various mp3 bit rates. Lovers of live ambient music will certainly appreciate the high caliber of musicianship in these sets, despite the lower than standard bit rate.

As one could imagine with a large collection spanning a number of years, there is quite a bit of variation sonically from track to track throughout the entire thirty track release. One can expect to find “Live Sets Volume One” meandering through many genres and sub-genres including Ambient, Berlin-School, Meditative, Electronic, New Age, Tribal, Light, Drone, Experimental, and Environmental sounds over the course of the album. This is one to put on for days and let it soak in as the total run time is over sixteen hours. Any fan of Tange will certainly want to add this release to their collection.