[EL013] Muied Lumens – Luinexis


[EL013] Muied Lumens – Luinexis

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Mirror Site: archive.org

Artist site: Muied Lumens

It is our pleasure at Ethereal Live to welcome our friend and lucky number 13, Muied Lumens to the net label. Muied Lumens has been creating and performing electronic and ambient music for two decades in his homeland of Norway and currently in Bristol, UK. Rob Solheim as he is also known, is a multi-instrumentalist wielding synthesizers, guitar, electronics, and wind instruments with equal precision and grace. Notably, Rob uses the incredible Kyma synthesizer to design and compose a lot of the music he creates.

Muied Lumens is an avid live performer and co-hosts with Modulator ESP (Jez Creek) live internet performances at electro-music radio called “Adventures in Sound”. “Adventures in Sound” has been ongoing for over 2 years now weekly. This deeply engrossing longform track is one of those live broadcasts. Recorded live July 20th 2011, “Luinexis” is a tour-de-force of epic and bold sounds that twist and turn throughout the 58 plus minutes of this set. For this performance, Muied Lumens used Kyma and Proteus 2000 synthesizers, and a home-made guitar. “Luinexis” is a beautiful work that saunders through fields of ambient soundscapes, textured feedback, and ripples of experimentalism that will equally please either your introspective or extroverted moods.

Composed, performed, and recorded by Muied Lumens
Produced by Muied Lumens
Artwork by Muied Lumens

All material by Muied Lumens Copyright © 2011 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

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