[EL014] Richard Lainhart – Introduction to Analog Synthesis

[EL014] Richard Lainhart – Introduction to Analog Synthesis

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Ethereal Live is honored to posthumously release this in depth lecture by Richard Lainhart which covers a discussion of analog synthesis fundamentals and demonstrations of modular electronics. This release marks the first of its’ kind for Ethereal Live, but we feel the information discussed in this lecture is of relevance and interest to most patrons of the the net label.

Introduction to Analog Synthesis was a lecture given at the Pocono Skies festival at the Shawnee Playhouse, PA. USA in the Pocono mountains in the Spring of 2010. This one-off festival featured performances, collaborations, workshops and lectures over the two day festival weekend. Richard presented this lecture Saturday afternoon May 16th, 2010 to a crowd of enthusiastic synthesists and electronic musicians.

With permission from Richards’ wife, Caroline Meyers, Ethereal Live is very proud to release this succinct and informative discussion of analog synthesis suited for new-comers and experienced users alike, by one of the great practitioners and composers of electronic music, Richard Lainhart.

If you enjoy this tutorial on analog synthesis, be sure to check out Richards’ Advanced Synthesis videos.

In Memory of Richard Lainhart
February 14, 1953 – December 30, 2011

All material by Richard Lainhart Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

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