[EL015] Lainhart, Weinstock, Creek, Morris – Live 2010

Lainhart, Weinstock, Creek, Morris – Live 2010

Download Whole Directory: L.W.C.M – Live 2010

Mirror Site: Archive.org

Artist Site: Electro-Music.com
Ethereal Live returns with release number fifteen featuring the improv ensemble Lainhart, Weinstock, Creek, Morris. These four musicians meet in Huguenot, NY on September 11, 2010 to play a short set at the experimental electronic music festival, Electro-Music 2010.

This single long form track of 25 minutes and 42 seconds was performed without any rehearsals or discussions of the music and was completely improvised by the musicians, which mostly had never played together before.

As with any live scenario, not all aspects of audio can be controlled like a studio environment. In this performance, there is a ground hum that could not be eliminated before the beginning of the set. At times the hum can be noticed in the mix. This set was mastered to eliminate the hum as much as possible, without detracting considerably from the overall audio quality of the album. Ethereal Live hopes you will still find this set worthy of listening to despite the imperfections in the recording.

Live 2010 is dedicated to and in memory of our dear friend Richard Lainhart. It is only fitting that we release this set today on Richard’s birthday, which is also Valentine’s day. As one of the musicians in this ensemble, I think I can speak for all when saying it was a deep honor and thrill to share music with Richard, an experience I will always treasure in my life.

Mastering by Thomas Jackson Park and Shane Morris
Photos by Hong Waltzer

Richard Lainhart

Steve Weinstock
Jez Creek
Shane Morris

Special thanks to Caroline Meyers, Howard Moscovitz, Greg Waltzer, Hong Waltzer, and Thomas Jackson Park.

All material by Lainhart, Weinstock, Creek, Morris Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions. CC – BY/NC/ND


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