[EL017] Mahoney & Peck – Mindshed

[EL017] Ethereal Live 017

Mahoney & Peck – Mindshed

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Artist Site: Mahoney & Peck
Ethereal Live welcomes the longtime progressive ambient duo Mahoney & Peck to the net label. We have long been fans of Mark Mahoney and Michael Peck’s sonic works of ambient, space, and electronic music and particularly their live shows. Mahoney & Peck are an absolute treat to see live, a pleasure we at Ethereal Live have had the good fortune to experience many times.

Therefore, we are quite happy to debut our first release from Mahoney & Peck. Mindshed is a dazzling blend of genres and sounds that cover lots of ground from ambient drifts to idm electronica, to noise and dark ambient interludes. Granular textures, modular synthesizers, and beautiful melodies and drones sweep and glide seamlessly throughout all six tracks on the release. Mindshed is a mature and dynamic journey of music and sound, electronics and processing, musicianship and teamwork. This is a fine release and belongs in any collection of ambient music.

The six pieces that compose Mindshed were recorded from several locations over the last couple of years. Michael says “these tracks were taken from live sets on Stillstream.com, electo-music.com broadcasts, and City Skies 2011 sets in Atlanta, Georgia.” Without further delay, I give you Mindshed, by Mahoney & Peck.

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