Ethereal Live Netlabel

Ethereal Live is a privately owned and operated non-profit netlabel dedicated to releasing high-quality recordings exclusively from live performances of ambient, dark ambient, and space music artists.

Ethereal Live was created by Shane Morris in May 2011 and became a partnership with Dan Miñoza in March 2012. The team’s goal is to provide a home to stunning live concerts of ambient, ethereal, minimal, dark, and space musics released through a Creative Common License for music lovers to enjoy for free. It is our pleasure to help extend the life of these performances to a much larger group of listeners than the initial audience itself.

It is our belief that live music is a sincere glimpse into the mind and soul of the artist and his or her environment at that particular time and space. On a good night, A live concert experience can evoke something inside musicians that rises to the surface during a performance. Sometimes this momentum can become surprisingly greater than the initial scope of the composition. Ethereal Live exists to archive those moments for all to share and enjoy.

Ethereal Live strives to bring fans of ambient music the highest audio quality possible. All releases are in digital format only and are available only on the internet. All releases are available in your choice of Flac, Ogg, or Mp3 when possible.

All music released at Ethereal Live is free to download under a Creative Commons License for personal use. All content is subject to the copyright of the respective artists. Commercial usage is prohibited unless individually negotiated with the respective artists and Ethereal Live. You are free to download, listen, and share this music. For any useage beyond those terms, please contact the artist or Ethereal Live.

  1. Szentpétery Csaba

    l love ethereal live releases!
    Best: Csaba

  2. spiros koufos


  3. gitonwiddit

    Go Shanster Go! Just now stumbled on this site. Thx!

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