[EL016] Dan Miñoza – Tulpa

[EL016] Ethereal Live 016
Dan Miñoza – Tulpa

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Ethereal Live presents release number sixteen with the incredibly talented guitarist and sonic adventurer, Dan Miñoza. Dan is widely known on the internet for his live performances at Stillstream and Electro-Music dot coms. Here for us today is his release “Tulpa”, yet another one of his live gems that we are happy to release on the net label.

Dan Miñoza is a guitarist like no other. Nothing you see or hear from Dan is anything you would expect from a guitar player, which makes him so unique in our opinion. One facet of Miñoza’s sound is his weapon of choice. Dan plays a Warr guitar which utilizes the “tap” method of playing that allows guitarists the ability to play single notes or chords with each hand. The approach is more akin to a keyboard based instrument than the typical style of guitar technique of plucking the strings. Dan, his instrument, and his intelligent use of software processing, particularly Native Instruments Guitar Rig, are a fantastic treat for the ears and eyes if you ever get the chance to see him perform live.

For this release, Dan has cut us a path to the world of “Tulpa”. Undeniably dark and foreboding, “Tulpa” is an incredible sound journey into the darkness of the night, with something sinister on the horizon throughout this superb live set. Indeed, we are most intrigued at the sounds that Dan has produced in this set, which are not at all resembling or hinting of a guitar. “Tulpa” is an original dark ambient venture that is suited well for deep listening, meditation, or just chilling out. Warning: could be dangerous for driving!

Composed, Performed, Recorded, and Mastered by Dan Miñoza
Cover art by Mike Hunter

We hope you will enjoy Ethereal Live 016 Dan Miñoza – Tulpa

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All material by Dan Miñoza Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license
for free non-commercial use under certain conditions. BY/NC/ND

[EL015] Lainhart, Weinstock, Creek, Morris – Live 2010

Lainhart, Weinstock, Creek, Morris – Live 2010

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Ethereal Live returns with release number fifteen featuring the improv ensemble Lainhart, Weinstock, Creek, Morris. These four musicians meet in Huguenot, NY on September 11, 2010 to play a short set at the experimental electronic music festival, Electro-Music 2010.

This single long form track of 25 minutes and 42 seconds was performed without any rehearsals or discussions of the music and was completely improvised by the musicians, which mostly had never played together before.

As with any live scenario, not all aspects of audio can be controlled like a studio environment. In this performance, there is a ground hum that could not be eliminated before the beginning of the set. At times the hum can be noticed in the mix. This set was mastered to eliminate the hum as much as possible, without detracting considerably from the overall audio quality of the album. Ethereal Live hopes you will still find this set worthy of listening to despite the imperfections in the recording.

Live 2010 is dedicated to and in memory of our dear friend Richard Lainhart. It is only fitting that we release this set today on Richard’s birthday, which is also Valentine’s day. As one of the musicians in this ensemble, I think I can speak for all when saying it was a deep honor and thrill to share music with Richard, an experience I will always treasure in my life.

Mastering by Thomas Jackson Park and Shane Morris
Photos by Hong Waltzer

Richard Lainhart

Steve Weinstock
Jez Creek
Shane Morris

Special thanks to Caroline Meyers, Howard Moscovitz, Greg Waltzer, Hong Waltzer, and Thomas Jackson Park.

All material by Lainhart, Weinstock, Creek, Morris Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions. CC – BY/NC/ND

[EL014] Richard Lainhart – Introduction to Analog Synthesis

[EL014] Richard Lainhart – Introduction to Analog Synthesis

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Ethereal Live is honored to posthumously release this in depth lecture by Richard Lainhart which covers a discussion of analog synthesis fundamentals and demonstrations of modular electronics. This release marks the first of its’ kind for Ethereal Live, but we feel the information discussed in this lecture is of relevance and interest to most patrons of the the net label.

Introduction to Analog Synthesis was a lecture given at the Pocono Skies festival at the Shawnee Playhouse, PA. USA in the Pocono mountains in the Spring of 2010. This one-off festival featured performances, collaborations, workshops and lectures over the two day festival weekend. Richard presented this lecture Saturday afternoon May 16th, 2010 to a crowd of enthusiastic synthesists and electronic musicians.

With permission from Richards’ wife, Caroline Meyers, Ethereal Live is very proud to release this succinct and informative discussion of analog synthesis suited for new-comers and experienced users alike, by one of the great practitioners and composers of electronic music, Richard Lainhart.

If you enjoy this tutorial on analog synthesis, be sure to check out Richards’ Advanced Synthesis videos.

In Memory of Richard Lainhart
February 14, 1953 – December 30, 2011

All material by Richard Lainhart Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

[EL013] Muied Lumens – Luinexis


[EL013] Muied Lumens – Luinexis

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It is our pleasure at Ethereal Live to welcome our friend and lucky number 13, Muied Lumens to the net label. Muied Lumens has been creating and performing electronic and ambient music for two decades in his homeland of Norway and currently in Bristol, UK. Rob Solheim as he is also known, is a multi-instrumentalist wielding synthesizers, guitar, electronics, and wind instruments with equal precision and grace. Notably, Rob uses the incredible Kyma synthesizer to design and compose a lot of the music he creates.

Muied Lumens is an avid live performer and co-hosts with Modulator ESP (Jez Creek) live internet performances at electro-music radio called “Adventures in Sound”. “Adventures in Sound” has been ongoing for over 2 years now weekly. This deeply engrossing longform track is one of those live broadcasts. Recorded live July 20th 2011, “Luinexis” is a tour-de-force of epic and bold sounds that twist and turn throughout the 58 plus minutes of this set. For this performance, Muied Lumens used Kyma and Proteus 2000 synthesizers, and a home-made guitar. “Luinexis” is a beautiful work that saunders through fields of ambient soundscapes, textured feedback, and ripples of experimentalism that will equally please either your introspective or extroverted moods.

Composed, performed, and recorded by Muied Lumens
Produced by Muied Lumens
Artwork by Muied Lumens

All material by Muied Lumens Copyright © 2011 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

[EL012] adamon – ships

[EL012] adamon – ships

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Artist site: adamon
For our twelfth and final release for the year 2011, we are proud to premiere the very first net label release by adamon. Damon Mar, the man behind the moniker, is a guitarist, synthesist, and electronics instrumentalist that is also a bright engineer with his own synth company called Marsynth. Apart from Damon’s solo work as adamon, he also plays in an experimental duo with David Herpich called Tensor Sensellation, which makes great use of his Marsynth creations.

Ethereal Live is very excited to release “ships”. We were lucky enough to be in the audience when this show took place at the annual Kansas City Electro-Music Festival, which is held each year in July.

“Ships” is an unedited live set, meaning what you hear on this release is exactly as the audience heard it on July 23, 2011. This is actually the original recording from the live set without any additional editing or mastering, which makes this release even that much more incredible.”Ships” is an amazing blending of genres and elements of ambient, noise, experimental, and electronic sounds that is frighteningly original. You will find lots of granular textures, dronescapes, and rhythms and sounds that percolate in and out of the sound field throughout the 43 minute long form set. Damon shows real mastery of subtlety and nuance as this set progresses, modulates, and mutates into many forms. There is lots of ear candy here as well, as adamon has done a great job with spatialization and stereo panning that really knocks this release out of the park.

Promo video for [EL012] adamon – “ships” live in KCMO

adamon live in Kansas City, Mo. July 23, 2011

[EL011] EugeneKha – Twice The Live


[EL011] EugeneKha – Twice The Live

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Artist Website: EugeneKha

Ethereal Live returns with our eleventh release from our friend EugeneKha. Evgenij V. Kharitonov hails from the Moscow, Russia region of the planet and is well known as a poet, musician, writer, sound and visual artist. Evgenij has been involved with music and art since the 1980’s and is a heavy experimentalist in every field he participates in. We are very happy to welcome Evgenij to Ethereal Live with this wonderful new release, “Twice The Live.”

Listeners will find a little bit of everything in this album. “Twice The Live” covers a lot of territory in the ambient and electronic domains. The album is composed of two gorgeous longform tracks that swirl and mutate from one sub-genre to the next. The album is a continual shifting of ambient and space music, from moments of tranquil cloud surfing, into berlin-school arpeggiations, environmental sounds, and even sections of beat-oriented ambient electronica. Indeed it seems that there is something for everyone in “Twice The Live”.

All tracks music, performed and produced by Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha). Cover by Anna Kharitonova, 2011
All material by EugeneKha Copyright © 2011 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions CC BY-NC-ND





[EL010] PYXL8R – Live In Princeton

[EL010] PYXL8R – Live In Princeton
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Artist Website: PYXL8R

Ethereal Live welcomes PYXL8R to the net label for it’s tenth release. Ken Palmer is the man behind the PYXL8R name and is an active musician and graphic artist. Ken creates ambient and electronic music as PYXL8R, and is also a member of the prog rock band Brainstatik.

“Live In Princeton” was performed by PYXL8R and broadcast live from WPRB 103.3 FM in Princeton, NJ on Februray 4th, 2011. All music was created live with keyboards, percussion, voice, and effects only. No sequencers or recorded backing tracks were used in this set. This set featured Ken Palmer on synths and vocalizations and Kyle Palmer on percussion and ipad.

This release is a wonderful blend of dark and mysterious music, with a minimal approach, allowing each sound and tone to come and go as it washes over the listeners. “Live in Princeton” is fine space music that leaves a lot for the mind and ears to soak in. Highly recommended.

[EL009] Tange – Live Sets Volume One

[EL009] Tange – Live Sets Volume One

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For our ninth release at Ethereal Live, we welcome Tange to the net label. Tange (aka Gordon MacMillan) of Scotland is a well regarded musician not only in the ambient domain, but also with the traditional music of his homeland, as well as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist on just about anything with strings. Many also know Gordon for his internet radio show “Mysterious Semblance” on stillstream.com over the last five years. In addition to djing music on his show, from time to time Tange will also perform live sets, which brings us to the release today.

“Live Sets Volume One” is a large collection of Tange’s performances from the stillstream.com archives. This is a historical compendium of Gordon’s work over several years that was formerly only available in the stillstream archives. The sets will now be stored here at Ethereal Live on archive.org for a long time to come. These tracks were originally recorded on Mini-Disc and uploaded at various mp3 bit rates. Lovers of live ambient music will certainly appreciate the high caliber of musicianship in these sets, despite the lower than standard bit rate.

As one could imagine with a large collection spanning a number of years, there is quite a bit of variation sonically from track to track throughout the entire thirty track release. One can expect to find “Live Sets Volume One” meandering through many genres and sub-genres including Ambient, Berlin-School, Meditative, Electronic, New Age, Tribal, Light, Drone, Experimental, and Environmental sounds over the course of the album. This is one to put on for days and let it soak in as the total run time is over sixteen hours. Any fan of Tange will certainly want to add this release to their collection.

[EL008] Emerald Adrift – Within the Purple Forbidden

[EL008] Emerald Adrift – Within the Purple Forbidden

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Artists Site: Emerald Adrift

Ethereal Live welcomes Emerald Adrift to the net label with a beautiful live set of genre-jumping sounds that will be sure to please. Emerald Adrift has numerous Creative Commons releases with Earth Mantra and Just not Normal net labels and has performed live at Different Skies, City Skies, and Electro-Music festivals around the country. A trained classical musician and composer, Emerald Adrift’s musicality is high caliber, focused, and well executed both live and in the studio.

Within the Purple Forbidden is no exception in quality in the quiver of Emerald Adrift’s releases. This set was recorded live at the Kansas City Electro-Music Festival on Friday, July 23, 2010 and is full of surprises. Most notable about this release is Emerald Adrift’s unique ability to transition effortlessly from one genre to another so smoothly. This longform live set glides from spacious piano ambience with jazz and classical influences, to celestial night-sky space music, to experimental terrain that recalls Morton Subotnick and some of the early sounds of electronic music. This is an album to get lost in. A powerful sonic experience that never overly indulges in sounds, leaving just enough space for a wonderfully introspective journey.

Visit: Emerald Adrift at Soundcloud

All material by Emerald Adrift Copyright © 2011 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions CC BY-NC-ND