We are now open and currently taking submissions.

We will be taking submissions on a very slow basis. Ethereal Live will be limiting releases to one to two per month.

We are aware that there are many people that play a plethora of live gigs in a year. We are not a label for releasing all of an artists live material. We are a label that is interested in releasing the very best in live performances with superior audio quality. It is also Ethereal Live’s hope that featuring only one or two releases a month that each listener will take the time to listen to each album fully and enjoy what is offered as we release new material over time.

As stated before, two stipulations to release music with Ethereal Live is that your music must be in the ambient or space music hemispheres and performed live. We are a netlabel dedicated to specializing only in that niche of the ocean of sound.

We refer to ambient music and most of its sub genre’s when speaking about the umbrella term “ambient”. This means we will consider beatless, light, minimal, ethereal, melodic, tribal, berlin-school, dark, ghost, space, floating, progressive, generative, and some beat oriented ambient musics. We are not however interested in noise, experimental, or dance music genres that sometimes include the “ambient” moniker.

Since all music is released digitally, there are no bounds on length of release, within reasonable terms. We do ask that a minimum length of 20 minutes be upheld for all releases. Long form music is certainly welcome as well.

Please email request for submission to Shane at

Ethereal Live prefers submissions through, but we will consider other sources as well. Posting submissions somewhere where we can audition them before downloading would be most helpful. Thank you.

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