Mark Blood’s video intrepretation of Breathe and Tease

Beautiful video of Georgina Brett’s Breathe and Tease by Mark Blood

[EL025] Georgina Brett – Breathe and Tease

[EL025] Ethereal Live 025

Georgina Brett – Breathe and Tease

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Ethereal Live welcomes live looper and vocalist extraordinaire Georgina Brett to the roster of artists at our net label. Based in the Uk, Georgina has been innovating ambient and atmospheric sounds using her voice and electronics. A strong improvisor and supporter of live music, we are proud to release Breathe and Tease today as our 25th release at Ethereal Live.

Georgina Brett in her own words:
“Breathe and Tease”. A Vocal Live-looping improv by Georgina Brett

This Improvisation came out of a long season (November 2011 to May 2012) of weekly live webcasts. Several stylistic things happened during this time. I went through a stage of asking my audience what they would like to challenge me to do that week. As you can imagine this stretched my abilities beyond what I had naturally extended to. Tuvan Throat-singing, Inuit singing, singing like an Indian Tanpura, a song with the only word “Resolution” in it, and amongst many other things I had a go at a score by Agricola and some Bach preludes too.

I love exploring the voice as an instrument, in the medium of the loop. It is such an expressive tool. The voice is an instrument in itself, just as other instruments, there is no need to use words.

This is one track I felt very much stood on it’s own. I like constructing a melody note by note and the loop allows you to change the phrase by adding notes where you like, sometimes a note at a time sometimes melodic phrases, sometimes more rhythmic.. there is a feeling of adventure. I don’t want to do the expected, but to do the unexpected you have to set up some expected melody. It’s a living meditation.. from second to second I generally haven’t decided anything about the next bit. My aim is to create a moving matrix of vocal sound which progresses with delight in it’s result at it’s inception. An interesting factor for the listener is that you realise there is only one new voice at any one time, giving you the permission to relax. I assure the listener during the piece, there will be no sounds that will jog you, but plenty of unexpected changes in direction. There are many anomalies in this recording, lip sounds, mouse clicking, pedal pushing and perhaps the hint of a teaspoon in the cup. This is the hazard of collecting live work. Occasionally you want to share it because it is something you loved and perhaps other people will love it too.….

Hand-picked moments of the other webcasts have grown into my next album called “Nonsense” which will soon be available. This is part of a body of work I will continue to focus on. Along side this I also focus on works that explore language; expression, meanings, emphasis, and current social issues to do with communication.



All material by Georgina Brett Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions. BY/NC/ND


[EL024] Tange – Live 04.21.12

 [EL024] Ethereal Live 024
 Tange – Live 04.21.12

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Ethereal Live is happy to announce the return of the ambient necromancer Tange, aka Gordie MacMillan. Tange is a gifted musician. Not only is he an accomplished string instrumentalist, he is also a synthsizer madman. For Tange’s newest release with Ethereal Live, we receive a beautiful long-form synthesizer suite just over thirty minutes that I guarantee you will find hard to resist.

On Live 04.21.12, Tange makes abundant use of Plogue Bidule, a generative software which can transform input into something entirely different as it interprets and translates the data through its algorithmic structure. Bidule can work independently or with suggestion by the player to alter its seemingly random course. In this case, Gordie modulates the generative output occasionally to steer the composition the direction he would like to keep going. MacMillan also supplies some additional instrumentation which fills in all the gaps and adds that extra element of excitement you get from live and improvised music.

Tange is able to craft gorgeous pads and floating textures throughout this live set that truly make you feel like you are drifting in the upper stratosphere. Live 04.21.12 tends to drift more towards the floating ambient / atmospheric side of the genres, but Berlin-School fans will be happy to hear some nice syncopated sequencing that flows in and out of the mix throughout the set. This is a lovely live set by Tange that you won’t want to miss. Must have!

All sounds by Tange

Perfomed, Recorded, and Produced by Tange

Recorded Live on – Mysterious Semblanc

Album cover photo provided by under Creative Commons BY/2.5

Cover design by Shane Morris

All material by Tange Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions. BY/NC/ND

[EL023] Inner Place – Biosphere

[EL023] Ethereal Live 023
Inner Place – Biosphere

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Artist Site: Inner Place

Ethereal Live is very pleased to welcome Inner Place to our net label for his first release. Inner Place is a project from artist IX from Tehran, Iran. Inner Place creates wonderful ambient music both in the studio and live. For his release with us of course, we are treated to a special live set.

“Biosphere” is a supple and dynamic ambient album, that resonates upon the first listen. IX has done a fine job of taking the listener on a slow motion dream-like journey. The music and sounds of “Biosphere” ebb and flow throughout each of the eight tracks as effortlessly as water lapping against the tide. Inner Place shows great mastery over his live setting, not rushing the music, and modulating the compositions in a natural successive way. Very nice synthesizer work throughout the album executed with a sense of control, surprise, and punctuation. Inner Place also does a superb job of tying together minimal field recordings in just the right places within each of the compositions.

We think “Biosphere” is an exquisite album, which touches and transcends the borders of ambient, dark ambient, space music. Highly recommended. “Biosphere” is released in 320k mp3.

Performed and Recorded by Inner Place

Artwork by : Wigell

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All material by Inner Place Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions. BY/NC/ND

[EL022] Los Babies – Live from The Kitchen

[EL022] Ethereal Live 022
Los Babies – Live from The Kitchen

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Artist Site: mascara & Christina Amelia

Ethereal Live is excited to announce the arrival of our first female artists to the net label,  Los Babies. And indeed, it is quite an arrival. Los Babies is nothing like you have ever heard before on the Ethereal Live imprint which crosses deep into the ambient noise territories. These women mean business when it comes to taking their listeners on a trip through the inner and outer spaces.

Los Babies is mascara and Christina Amelia, a noise duo from Kingston and Nyack, New York, USA. In their own words the duo says, “we make sounds using a unique literary structure”.

The Structure:

the marriage
other place

The music from Los Babies is a kaleidoscopic collage of sounds that borrows from numerous genres including ambient, experimental, noise, and hip hop. The sampling work done in these tracks is quite impressive which is reminiscent of 80s hip hop and 90s electronica. However, the beats are never the dominant aspect of the music, instead fading in and out much like the other sounds found in their compositions. It seems the only constant is change within the music, which gives this music the ethereal and ambient qualities we like so much.

As the album title states, these tracks were recorded live at “The Kitchen”, somewhere in New York. All samples are the ownership of the artist or borrowed from the public domain sector.

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Los Babies
Album art by Los Babies

All material by Los Babies Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions. BY/NC/ND

[EL021] Symatic Star – Transmissions

[EL021] Ethereal Live 021

Symatic Star – Transmissions

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Artist Site: Symatic Star
Ethereal Live welcomes the return of our good friend and talented multi-instrumentalist, Symatic Star, aka Simon Walsh, to our net label. Simon is back with another adventure in the outer spaces, this time with a plethora of acoustic ethnic instruments. Recorded live at the streaming concert Autumnal Equinox 2011, “Transmissions” is a stellar performance that spotlights Simon’s instrumental and vocal skills quite nicely.

The release begins with a spellbinding mix of droning synthesizers and spacious melodies from the acoustic mbira. Symatic Star shows real proficiency with the instrument and blends the mbira in with the synth drones fabulously. As the mbira settles down, the long form track spirals into a deep cavernous movement with gongs and didjeridoo carving out some incredible spaces and textures. Electronic and acoustic percussions litter the track throughout as “Transmissions” slowly evolves and swirls ultimately into a pillowy mass of floating goodness the resolves itself somewhere in the nether reaches where Symatic Star resides.

Symatic Star executes this live set with grace and precision. “Transmissions” carries captivating dynamics and flow throughout the 35 minute set keeping the listener’s attention throughout the journey. We think you will enjoy “Transmissions” for almost any activity, and most especially for your next trip to the stars.

Performed, Recorded, and Mastered by Symatic Star
Album cover & design by Sheah Nahshon & Simon Walsh

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All material by Symatic Star Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions. BY/NC/ND

[EL020] EugeneKha – Green Quest Live

[EL020] Ethereal Live 020

EugeneKha – Green Quest Live

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Artist Site: EugeneKha

EugeneKha is back once again at Ethereal Live for his second release with the net label. Hailing from Moscow, Russia, EugeneKha is a musician, poet, photographer, and artist of
epic proportions. EugeneKha, aka Evgenij Kharitonov, is also the author of numerous literary publications and books, and works in journalism.

For “Green Quest Live”, Evgenij performed live at White Art Studio, 15 October 2011. This album is a live companion to his studio recorded album, “Green Quest” at Earth Mantra. Here we have EugeneKha interpreting those songs in a beautiful long form sonic journey that clocks in at 44 minutes.

EugeneKha takes us in many directions on “Green Quest Live”, but maintains the cohesiveness and flow throughout the entire set. Heavy use of synthesizers from both hardware and software, field recordings, sampler, and a drum machine were used in the set. Evgenij’s instrument list includes Roland JV 1080,Kawai K1m, Alesis Micron, Korg Kaossilator Pro, Akai MPC500, Korg Legacy Collection, Toxic III, Absynth 4, Boss DR-202, Roland A-500S, Alesis Q25, Korg NanoKONTROL, and Ableton Live 7.0

Many genres and influences on “Green Quest Live” with light ambient and new age being quite dominant in influences, as space and experimental sounds lie on the periphery. The album has an airy vibe throughout which is quite refreshing with a nice balance of harmony, melody, and rhythms not always heard in ambient music. Evgenij is a unique musician and composer and we think you will be quite pleased with what he has offered up with “Green Quest Live”.

Music created, arranged, performed and recording by Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha)

Photographer by Evgenij V. Kharitonov, August 2011

All material by EugeneKha Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions. BY/NC/ND

[EL019] Jack Hertz – Droneware

[EL019] Ethereal Live 19

Jack Hertz – Droneware

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Artist Site: Jack Hertz


Ethereal Live is pleased to welcome the return of our good friend Jack Hertz. Jack is an accomplished composer, instrumentalist, and synthesist as well as an excellent improviser. He has been composing electronic music for decades now and holds a degree in electronic music from John Chowning University.

Droneware is our newest release from Jack Hertz and a fine one it is. This is a live performance on February 16th, 2012. Droneware is a beautiful bubbly longform track that seamlessly ties elements of ambient forms and electronic synthesizers together. At just over an hour, Droneware will certainly please those who enjoy a full immersion into the sound.

Listeners will find a world of sounds brewing together in this release. Rhythmic percussion and perky synths glide in and around the sound field, as light melodies from bells and marimbas cascade around your eardrums. Synthesizer melodies, harmonies, and effects ascend and plateau atop this silky foundation which makes a lovely transcendent mix of sounds on this track.

Droneware has a bit of a new age influence in the album, however the ambient and drone content are definitely the dominant forces in the music. The light atmospheric haze that surrounds the album is the subtle magic that draws you in, while the rhythms and melodies give your mind’s eye a colorful journey. This is a great album for about any activity but particularly for occasions that call for relaxing. Droneware is chillaxing. Drone Age, Drone, and light Ambient fans will want to take note of this fine release.

Performed, recorded, and mastered by Jack Hertz
Album design by Jack Hertz
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All material by Jack Hertz Copyright © 2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions. BY/NC/ND

[EL018] Palancar – Ambient Train Wreck Vol.2

[EL018] Ethereal Live 018
Palancar – Ambient Train Wreck Volume 2

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Artist Site: Palancar

Palancar aka Darrell Burgan, is the kind of person that is good at everything he does; composing, performing, designing, programming, parenting, and the list goes on. Darrell just has a golden touch and is as solid a human being as they come. That is why, we are proud to announce the return of Palancar to our humble net label with his sequel to our inaugural release at Ethereal Live, “Ambient Train Wreck Volume 2”.

Ambient Train Wreck Volume 2 is three splendid live performances from the summer of 2006. These pieces were recorded on Darrell’s former radio show “Blue Water Drift Dive” on Stillstream. Darrell is an incredible live performer and improvises a lot within his works. He says in the liner notes, “Everything you hear in these performances is live and untouched, except for the mastering of the recording itself, and fade-in/fade-out at the ends of the excerpt.” Thus, the pieces we release today are essentially the exact live experiences as the original performances.

Listeners will find three deeply immersive ambient excursions on this release. These well crafted performances span a beautiful array of sounds and styles within the ambient kingdom. Passages in each track will sway from introspective to extroverted, from dark to light. Long dense drones underlay the foundation of each performance with layers of percussive darkness, distant spaces, and hints of electronica scattered throughout. Fans of drone, dark ambient, experimental, and meditation should be sure to give this release a spin.

About the technical features of the release, Darrell says “This album would not have been possible without the technical wizardry of Jorgen Aase, Voxengo, HG Fortune, Native Instruments, Camel Audio, Refined Audiometrics Laboratory, Cakewalk, Korg, Ian Webster, Ugo, FMC Audio, ConcreteFX, Tweakbench, TC Electronic, Alesis, Rolls, and Steinberg.

Original artwork by Heironymous Bosch (1450-1516)
Album design by Darrell Burgan
Performed, Recorded, Mastered by Darrell Burgan

All material by Palancar Copyright © 2004-2012 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use under certain conditions. BY/NC/ND

[EL017] Mahoney & Peck – Mindshed

[EL017] Ethereal Live 017

Mahoney & Peck – Mindshed

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Artist Site: Mahoney & Peck
Ethereal Live welcomes the longtime progressive ambient duo Mahoney & Peck to the net label. We have long been fans of Mark Mahoney and Michael Peck’s sonic works of ambient, space, and electronic music and particularly their live shows. Mahoney & Peck are an absolute treat to see live, a pleasure we at Ethereal Live have had the good fortune to experience many times.

Therefore, we are quite happy to debut our first release from Mahoney & Peck. Mindshed is a dazzling blend of genres and sounds that cover lots of ground from ambient drifts to idm electronica, to noise and dark ambient interludes. Granular textures, modular synthesizers, and beautiful melodies and drones sweep and glide seamlessly throughout all six tracks on the release. Mindshed is a mature and dynamic journey of music and sound, electronics and processing, musicianship and teamwork. This is a fine release and belongs in any collection of ambient music.

The six pieces that compose Mindshed were recorded from several locations over the last couple of years. Michael says “these tracks were taken from live sets on, broadcasts, and City Skies 2011 sets in Atlanta, Georgia.” Without further delay, I give you Mindshed, by Mahoney & Peck.

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